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December 08, 2004

Fat Dude's Stupid Blog Games

I'm sick of reading these blogs that write about not having anything to write about.  I'm also sick of those blogs who ask their readers to play along in some stupid game as if it were girl-scout week in Boringville.

Here's an example:

Answer these three questions:

1.  What's your favorite color?

2.  What did you do this morning?

3.  How many times did you smile today?

Now pass it on fellow bloggers!!!!!

Shut the fuckidy fuck fuck up.

So in the spirit of trying to kill two birds with one post, I will now introduce you to Fat Dude's Stupid Blog Games.

Let's play shall we...

Complete the following sentence:

My Blog sucks because...

I'll go first.

My Blog sucks because I don't talk about politics enough tempting me to start a new blog and call it, "MyPenisSwingsToTheLeft.Blogspot.com"

If you decide to play along on your own blog, then leave a comment or a trackback or a suicide note -- I don't fucking care.  Just let me know so I can come and visit.  If I really like your answer, I'll even spot you a shout out at the beginning of my next Stupid Blog Game.

Have fun!

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My blog fucking whiffs cos it doesn't like people, gets banned in libraries, can't get a promo banner, I feel like a cunt having one and because I'm visited from Fat Eye.

Keep visiting though, cos I need you fatty


Posted by: RuKsaK | Dec 8, 2004 9:14:56 PM

my blog sucks because i write for myself and not a bunch of blowhards who can barely dress themselves, nevermind write anything worth reading

Posted by: nicola | Dec 8, 2004 11:44:01 PM

My blog sucks because it covers mainly oddball metaphysical topics, rather than the news, politics and sex that most other blogs have.

Posted by: Omni | Dec 9, 2004 12:39:25 AM

My blog sucks because... it's mundane and unoriginal, lacking any sort of nice template...only a pre-manufactured cookie-cutter shit eating one. My blog also sucks because it doesn't talk about hardcore submissive sex as often as it should. I also don't have stupid blog games which just piles on more suck points. Damn. I do suck.

Posted by: pomegranate. | Dec 9, 2004 1:13:20 AM

my blog sucks because it's about me trying to not suck...at everything.

Posted by: melina | Dec 9, 2004 2:23:42 AM

My blog sucks because I love to play those stupid blog-along games when I have nothing to post. I even do the 'posting will be light posts.' Maybe that's why I wasn't nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards. And I went out an bought that penis swinging left domain name - but I will sell it to you.

Posted by: Norman | Dec 9, 2004 5:02:59 AM

My blog sucks because I think I'm being original only to find out that ten other blogs have posted the same thing. And I take and post way too many quizzes for somebody over the age of 13.

Posted by: Lisa | Dec 9, 2004 10:08:26 AM

My blog sucks because I'm a no talent ass-clown. I don't know how to fill out on-line questionaires, so I'll never know what kind of blogger I am. I'll never know what kind of superhero I am, or what kind of movie describes my life best.

Lost, desperate and alone, my blog will soon blow even worse as I turn to creating giant blinking ads in an effort to win a free iPod.

Posted by: Mango | Dec 9, 2004 10:26:22 AM

My blog sucks because I'm not the Fat Eye for the Skinny Guy guy.

Posted by: Christiane | Dec 9, 2004 10:52:06 AM

my blog doesn't suck.

Posted by: copygodd | Dec 9, 2004 12:57:24 PM

My blog sucks because I played the "Three Questions" blog game just yesterday. If it helps, I didn't want to, but everyone else was doing it and I always give in to peer pressure. Which also sucks.

Posted by: Dawn (webmiztris) | Dec 9, 2004 1:38:54 PM

My Blog sucks because I post sporadically at best. It also sucks because I quit taking my meds and it shows and I played the three questions game too. It's Dawns fault. *points a stiff finger* Better yet it sucks because I played and not one of my many lurkers bothered to ask me single damn question. I'm so boring nobody wants to know shit about me.

Posted by: PrincessEvilina | Dec 9, 2004 2:23:04 PM

What's a glob?

Posted by: Bob Devaney | Dec 9, 2004 2:54:13 PM

Yes, copygodd, your blog goes the other way - it blows.

Posted by: Norman | Dec 9, 2004 4:34:30 PM

My blog sucks because I create silly games all the time...but can we humour me and say that it does not suck and blow at the same time?

Posted by: michele | Dec 9, 2004 5:18:48 PM

and to think i almost went with "my blog sucks because it's not as good as norman's."

Posted by: copygodd | Dec 9, 2004 5:53:24 PM

My blog sucks because it'll never get nominated for a bob *sniff* but hey - fat dude, at least you get another shot at best humour blog again. we love all these little awards don't we...?

Posted by: vics | Dec 9, 2004 8:16:22 PM

My blog sucks simply because it's my blog.

Posted by: garybibb | Dec 9, 2004 8:45:59 PM

oh, and my blog also sucks because i can only afford ghetto typepad wherein i have only six, i think, pre-configured templates and i can't change my font or banner color or graphic or just about anything, because i suck too much at html.

i just suck.

and so does my blog.

Posted by: melina | Dec 9, 2004 9:13:39 PM

Hey, suckin' ain't all that bad, it used to be one of my finer points.

Posted by: Princess Wild Cow | Dec 10, 2004 12:10:22 AM

My blogs sucks for...food, work, and money.

Posted by: pauly d | Dec 10, 2004 12:31:03 AM

My blog sucks because it's my blog.

Posted by: davo | Dec 10, 2004 5:53:59 AM

Oh, and I'm a boring asshole. Thats why my blog sucks for being mine.

Posted by: davo | Dec 10, 2004 5:55:28 AM

My blog sucks not because I'm yet to put up your sucky blog bit on my precious bloggie, mwahaha!

I lurve it, :)

Posted by: eka | Dec 10, 2004 8:57:25 AM

My blog sucks because I still haven't gotten up off my substantial ass and replaced the default template with something more attractive.

Posted by: NWJR | Dec 10, 2004 10:38:43 AM

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