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May 12, 2004

Lets Get Link Crazy


I've been getting a bunch of emails from folks asking me to review their blogs. I shall get to everyone, but be patient, the Fat Dude loves you. As always, some of these are by request, some are blogs I read regularly, and the rest are all drawn out of a random straw hat by some one-legged stranger from North Dakota.

The Rating System:

= Don't waste your time because it sucks ass.
= Why not? I don't have a life anyway.
= Right on. This looks pretty cool. I dig.
= Holy mother of all things tubular! I have finally found the meaning of life!

I think Maura from One Ping Only is finally starting to come into her own as an intelligent, well spoken blogger. Okay, maybe that's well written. Or well versed. Fuck it, she's well something. Unlike the Fat Dude, she tackles topics like Obesity and Krispy Kreme donuts with some serious flavor that almost gets me hungry.

Her blog is in no way over the top. It's not filled with a bunch of random useless links or advertisements. It's purely content driven. I like that. Rated three tasty burgers for cutting out the fluff and being oh so friendly toward your fellow bloggers.

Here's a guy that not only owns one, but two three legged dogs. I love dogs, and so he earns a few tasty burgers right off the bat by taking these dogs in, nursing them to health, and giving them a good home.

Also a fellow Typepad user, his blog is sort of set up the same way mine is. The light colors are easy on the eyes, and he's got a good taste in music. Of course for you "I hate anything mainstream" readers out there, it may not be for you. The content floats amongst a myriad (big word for Fat Dude) of different places. From comedic postings about work to thoughtful words on what it feels like to be lonely, 3leggeddog brings you a wide spectrum of topics mixed with intimate moments from yet another strangers life. Rated three tasty burgers for saving those dogs and suffering through Corporate America along with the rest of us.

What do really lame, soon to be washed up musicians do once they realize it's all down hill from here? They start blogging! Hence the new blog from Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst. In his latest poorly written post, he speaks about the "real meaning of bonding" and how he hates the "negative things people say." But then on the bands official website, there's a nice big picture of Fred with his middle fingers up and a caption that reads, "It's cool to be a hater."

Which is it Fred? (p.s. 255 comments)

I'll let you be the judge. Perhaps Fred is trying to tell us all how it really is when he says "we are all aliens inside of an individual experience" -- whatever the fuck that means. Rated one tasty burger for brainwashing kids' minds by trying to pass off sentences that make absolutely no sense as words of wisdom.

When I was fifteen years old, I was still trying to figure out how to tie my shoe while Ned Vizzini was writing articles for The New York Press -- at the same age. Since then he's written the very popular Teen Angst? Nahhh... and will follow that up with Be More Chill due out June 1st.

At 22 years old, you have to look up to this guy for achieving what takes some people their entire lives. Ned's a pretty well known face on the New York book scene, continually making appearances at some of the more independent readings. He's contributed to the New York Times Magazine, visited schools to speak with students, and is pretty close to seeing his books hit the big screen real soon.

And one of the "chill" things is that he blogs about it all. From time to time you'll even see him here on Fat Eye. A down to earth artist who's taken his abnormal youth and spun it into some of the funniest writing you will read today. You can pre-order his book Be More Chill right now on Amazon. Trust me folks. This guy is good. Rated four tasty burgers for breaking in at such a young age you lucky son of a &%$#^.

If you want your blog reviewed on Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy, shoot off an email to heyfatdude@yahoo.com. I make no promises -- only dinner reservations.

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Mmmm, many thanks for the deee-lish (bacon) burgers, Fat Dude. :) I enjoyed checking out the three-legged dog and Ned Vizzini blogs, too. I'm going to refrain from going back to Durst's blog again until I'm drunk or high enough to really appreciate it.

Posted by: Maura | May 13, 2004 1:28:53 AM

Please don't review my blog :P

Posted by: Flip | May 13, 2004 3:26:35 AM

Thanks for the review. The dogs said thanks, too. They're turning into publicity hounds...

Posted by: Howard | May 13, 2004 8:54:24 AM

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